The Garland Cemetery is a peaceful resting place that provides families a meaningful place to memorialize those departed from them. The internment of the remains of loved ones have taken place at The Garland Cemetery since the 1800's. See Our Heritage page to read about our history.

The Garland Cemetery lies on 22 acres of ground in the Town of Clarkson. It is located on the South side of Rte 104 (Ridge Rd) between Rte 19 (Lake Rd) and Rte 260 (Sweden Walker Rd).

The grounds are beautifully maintained by a caretaker under the leadership of a nine member Board of Trustees (all caring members of the surrounding community). The Board of Trustees began a yearly improvement plan a few years ago that included:

  1. Making upgrades to the grounds
  2. The purchase of the necessary equipment to keep the grounds looking beautiful
  3. Efforts to move us into the 21st century.
  • The vault was in need of repair. Structural repairs were made and the entire building was re-faced with a stacked stone facade. These upgrades will guarantee that the vault will service the needs of the cemetery for many years to come.
  • Development of this website and its links to local funeral services and products will provide the public better visibility and access to interments in the cemetery.
  • A software package was purchased to assist us in bringing our records up to 21st century standards.

The original pillars along the driveways were in need of extensive repair. A decision was made to remove the existing pillars and chain link fencing. New pillars with knee walls were installed at each driveway entrance. The chain link fence was replaced with new decorative black chain fence.


New ground maintenance equipment was purchased


The existing water lines were extended to include section 9 and drainage lines were installed to drain wet areas along Ridge Road.

Board of Trustees:
  • Errol Sheldon
  • Bob Sodoma
  • Mary Wilson
  • Rick Preston
  • Sharon Mattison
  • Fran Wilcox
  • Rhonda Greineder
  • Dave Goodwin
  • Pat Preston
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