At the Garland Cemetery, we have a variety of settings and a full scope of choices for both full coffin or cremation internments. Picking the kind of internment you need to memorialize yourself, a family member, or friend is an exceptionally individual choice. You should measure your alternatives painstakingly and pick what best fits you and your needs.

Ground Burials

Veterans Monument All ground internment sections at The Garland Cemetery are beautifully landscaped with developed trees and gentle hills. The Garland Cemetery allows two internments on each plot, one full and one cremation or two cremations. All full internments require a concrete or metal burial vault. The purchase of a vault will be taken care of with your chosen Funeral Director. The use of a vault for cremation internments is your choice.

For all US Veterans, the family has four options to memorialize their loved ones service. The options include a vertical headstone, a flat stone, or a bronze plaque which comes in two different sizes. All of these options are available at no cost from the Office of Veterans Affairs. The Funeral Director you choose will go over these options with you when planning the funeral as well as what services are available to provide a Military Burial. The only cost that will be incurred is the pouring of a concrete footer for the headstone or flat stone choices.

  • Burial Plots - $600
  • Headstone Foundations
    • $60 Per Square Foot ($125.00 minimum charge)
    • $150 for Veteran Stone
  • Full Burial Internment
    • Weekdays $500, after 2PM $650
    • Saturdays $800
    • Sundays & Holidays $850
  • Cremation Burial
    • Weekdays $300, after 2PM $450
    • Saturdays $600
    • Sundays & Holidays $650
Rules and Regulations

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